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Introducing Ewet Dual Hybrid Carburetor For Generators



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Ewet hybrid Carburetor is an easy to install dual fuel/gas hybrid carburetor that enables existing petrol generators to run on domestic/cooking gas (LPG), while still allowing you the option of switching to petrol whenever you run out of gas.

The carburetors comes in two sizes: Small one for generators of 2kva – 3.6kva (45,000) but now (N30,000 for promo price) and big one for generators of 3.8kva – 10kva capacity (N55,000)but (35,000 for promo price) Our carburetors are not campatible with Yamaha and the smallest Tiger Gen (I beta pas my nebo).

Advantages of Ewet Carburetor

> Gas is cheaper and always available

> Gen noise/sound is reduced by 40-60% depending on age, make of gen and load*

> It’s eco-friendly. Gen stops smoking entirely

> Engine oil lasts longer before getting dirty

> Servicing frequency is reduced

> Spark plugs can be used for 2yrs before replacement

> Tested and confirmed okay, and currently in use in our offices ,and  home

> 12.5kg of gas which is currently (N6000) gives you 60-70 of electricity on 2.5Kva gen – that’s about 14 days, if you run gen for max of 5hrs/day.

For further enquiries call or Whatsapp


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Buy Biz Equipments & Household appliances at Hire Purchase




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Pay Little by Little

at our Hire to own Equipment acquisition Scheme

at low price & no Collateral.

Our Markethub avails Nigerians to buy gadgets and household appliances and pay in instalments at flexible and affordable rates.

Hire Purchase Market Hub is the best place to buy everything you need in Nigeria.

How to Start:

1. Fill our Form and Register an account with us.

2. Browse through our wide range of products and select your choice. 

3. Your item will be delivered to you after you have satisfied all the conditions precedent to purchase.


4. Choose the installment type and duration.
Then proceed to start your installments.

Our requirements are simple, they are:

elow is how it works:

  1. Fill Our application form online or visit our office to fill a physical application form.
  2. Visit our vendors to identify the equipment you want and know the price
  3. The rental will be tailored to suite your financial capacity.
  4. Know your customer (KYC) form will be filled and our official will duly verified it.
  5. You will receive an offer letter precedent to disbursement
  6. Upfront payment of the processing, legal and management fees
  7. After meeting all conditions precedent to disbursement, you will visit our office to collect delivery instruction to pick chosen item(s) from our accredited vendors
  8. Fill debit instruction order and indemnity form,
  9. Visit our whatsapp platform +234 704 696 8463
  10. For further information, call Clement: 08033683960, Eneojo: 08165818307,
  11. Proceed to our office Address to fill your application form.

1. Be consistent with your installment.

2. Provide us a valid means of ID (OR a means of identification) and BVN before the product is delivered to you

3. Make at least one card payment before collecting your item

Have questions?

We have answered many of them in our faq.

You can also reach out to us on call or whatsapp.

Our office address is at Suite 1011,anbeez Plaza, Ndola Crescent Wuse Zone 5,Abuja.

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By Idris Ejima Aruwa

Good news, you can now buy the book online and it will be delivered to your doorstep

PICK YOUR COPIES NOW!!! Click the link below to buy!

The book Readings on Igala People, Land and Language, is a comprehensive history of the Igala kingdom (Kogi state, Nigeria), people, land and language based on the study of the oral traditions, cultural practices, articles, published and unpublished works on Igala history. It is a compendium of the history of the Igala people from the Pre-16th century to the present day, using the Igala cultural and rituals practices as evidence of historical events. It is a scholarly work on the chronology of the events that led to the establishment of the present dynastic monarchy in Igala land and the creation of the Igala kingdom which became the greatest pre-colonial kingdom in the River Niger-Benue confluence area in Nigeria, with its influence on the cultural, political and commercial developments on the northern Igbo country and along the River Niger down to the Niger-Delta area. The chronology was discussed under three main eras; the Pre-Dynastic Monarchy Era, the Proto-Dynastic Monarchy Era and The Dynastic Monarchy Era. The events that took place in each of these eras were extensively reported.

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The book illustrates the cultural leadership development of the autochthonous Igala clans, the Benin vassal Aji-Ata dynasty, the Achadu clan and the Empire building escapades of Ayegba oma Idoko starting from his progenitor Abutu-Ejeh breakaway from the ancient Jukun led Kwararafa Kingdom. Other subjects discussed include; the real history behind the sacrifice of Princess Inikpi and Oma-Odoko, the funeral rites and coronation rituals for the Ata-Igala and the origin of the name Igala. This book is recommended for students of history and those who want to enrich their knowledge on Igala, people, land, language and other related cultural matters.

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Buy your 400 watts solar light in stock for large supplies.

Very strong and
super bright
2yrs warranty,
25yrs lifespan,
remote control,

Call for supplies 08165818307

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