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“I am a product of Nigeria’s Public Institutions and posterity will be harsh on beneficiaries like me, if I sit back as an onlooker and watch those institutions continue to collapse”

Many a time in every society, there are men who are never celebrated, these are dissenting individuals, such men are few in every Epoch, they don’t subscribe to the fallacy of the slippery slope, or put it succinctly, they don’t join the bandwagon, they would rather swim in strange waters  against the tide, walk their own walk, such men would rather roam in the wilderness of hope charting new paths that may seem unpopular but soon to become the highways of the society, these are men of uncommon wisdom and direction. Such men are always accused of disrupting the status quo of their society and are easy to brand as rebels, but such disruption if allowed to stay becomes the enduring legacy for better institutional framework for a stronger technology and economics-savvy society seeing that Enterprise and tech-innovation have become the utopian focus of modern society. These men are infinitesimal emerging candles in our society that the winds of selfishness, greed, corruption and avarice cannot put out, one of such men is Victor Alewo Adoji an emerging disruptor, enterprise innovator, a managerial technologist, an economist and a people’s management professional.

This is a man that is little understood by many. He could best be described as the Apostle Paul of our time. When writing the Pauline Epistles, Paul was seen by many as a man beside himself because of his many words and unfathomable wealth of wisdom. Such manner Adoji loves his people to the point of discomfort.

Here is a man that is drunken with Empathy for his people. Empathy connotes that you wear the shoes of the people with the people to know where it hurts them the most.  He sees their pains, he feels their anguish, he is grieved by what they are going through, he said,” You have toiled for years retired in pains because you have not been paid Let me hold you. You labour in pains only to beg for your wages in anguish and endless delays Let me hold you. Your business can't sell because the economy is going down and the government is without clue. Let me hold you. You are at home more than you are in school while those responsible keep their kids in private schools for the rich. Let me hold you. I feel your pain, your tears and helplessness. I come with hope and solutions that these phase shall be our last down in Kogi I am Victor Alewo Adoji...let us hold our hands and work together for the future”

These were his words when in 2019, Adoji offered himself to serve his people as the Governor of Kogi state. Although that was not to be, he never gave up, later he gave the Kogi East senatorial seat a shot and that also did not materialize, but men of vision are never discouraged. They only rest awhile to resurface again. In his quest for the number one seat of the state, his vision according to him is “to establish kogi state as the tenth largest economy in Africa with best-in-class corporate governance practices” and his  Mission is “To transition kogi state into an Enterprise state through leveraging its enormous material and especially human resource endowment to make it an irresistible component across value chains and productive partnerships that respect our advantages and peculiarities”

“the transformation of the Kogi economy through prioritization of value addition and revenue generation can only be accomplished in the context of enterprise orientation”

His Motivation as captured in his policy document titled “Beginning the Future, our social contract” is, “I am a product of Nigeria’s Public Institutions and posterity will be harsh on beneficiaries like me, if I sit back as an onlooker and watch those institutions continue to collapse”

          His agenda is the disruption and obliteration of the current blight of his home state Kogi as a “Civil Service state”. He believes that the assertion is being fore grounded on a flawed understanding of the subtleties at play in the confluence state.

          The Implication of letting such assertions stand have eluded the various Governments since the creation of the state. This ignorance, the lack of conscious efforts to transcend beyond the boundaries of the present dismal economic position of the state. The Successive Governments have been Prioritizing consumption over investment and recurrent over capital expenditure.

True that the population of Civil servants in the state is over 15,000 while the entire population of the state stands at four million. Adoji believes that an insignificant 0.3% of the population is not enough Justification for the nomenclature of a “Civil Service State. Political leadership in the state is expected to show Resourcefulness and novelty by pro-actively driving the state to an enterprise economy. In his words, “the transformation of the Kogi economy through prioritization of value addition and revenue generation can only be accomplished in the context of enterprise orientation” he Opined that  “Excellent examples of burgeoning enterprise state are found in the eastern part of Nigeria where  the apprenticeship system (which has churned out more millionaires than all of Nigerians educational system) has created a number of  employers of Labour and wealth. The only missing link is the Synergy between institutions of the state and the apprenticeship ideology to create a powerhouse of enterprises and entrepreneurship “

Being one who is enterprise driven and a wealth creator, he advocates for a developmental pathway that will engender a “developmental planning that can bequeath a comprehensive and coordinated response to our socio-economic and Socio-political challenges.

He decried the over dependence of successive Governments on loans as a pathway to solving developmental plans but rather, public private Partnership (PPP) can be valuable sources of Funding.

          Adoji believes that the public Private Partnership (PPP) “can be reliable sources of Funding. And because PPP Funding is very sensitive to dialectics in the Socio-economic and Socio-Political environments, it is essential to address such indicators as ex-ante”. This, for Adoji is a major justification for a steady and innocuous transition to an enterprise state as a strategic and sustainable imperative”

As a youth mobiliser, he believes strongly in Youth entrepreneurship and punctures the reliance on the security architecture alone in solving security issues.

“Socio-economic renaissance like Job creation, wealth creation, encouraging entrepreneurship (Especially in the Creative Industry) and creating social safety nets are recommended as panacea to the resorting of security challengers challenges.

He further advocates for Agripreneurship, Youthprenuership/ ICTPreneurship, Social Security Engineering, the development of the Tourism and entertainment industry proper health care and qualitative Education and a host of others as pathways to solving these Multifaceted and Myriads of challenges facing his state and people.

But who is Victor Alewo Adoji?

Born to Late (Elder) Benard A. Adoji and Deaconess Rebecca Adoji, His Primary and Secondary Education were at the St. Paul’s Primary School (Now Mohammed Bankano Primary School) Sokoto and Federal Government College Sokoto respectively.

Victor has a diploma in project management from the international Business management institute Germany. He obtained Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Jos, two MBAs with specializations in corporate strategy, leadership and sustainability, as well as five graduate (masters) degrees in Economics, public Administration, and international affairs, Entrepreneurship, Managerial psychology and social Welfare.

His first doctoral degree, received from the University of Panama was focused on credit Management. The second is a doctoral degree in Business Administration from the Leeds Becket university UK, is focused on leadership, corporate governance and people’s management. Dr. Adoji holds several professional certifications, memberships and fellowships. He is a Fellow, Institute of Credit Administration (FICA) and a British International Certified Credit Fellowship (ICCF). His fellowships also include, Fellow, Chartered Institute of Public Management of Nigeria, Fellow, Institute of Credit Administration (FICA) and Fellow, America Academy of Project Management (FAAPM). Aside being a Certified Procurement & Project Management Specialist (CPPMS), and a Master Project Manager (MPM), he is also a Member of several Professional and academic bodies in Nigeria and beyond including, but not limited to, Nigeria Economic Society (NES), Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (ICEN) and Institute of Transformational Entrepreneurs and Leaders (ITEL) Dr. Adoji is an economic development consultant. 

Adoji worked with Zenith Bank for Seventeen years of a productive and untainted career.

In his postscript, Adoji restated that he is convinced that the terrible and deteriorating quality of education as well as low level of school enrolment in kogi state is a result of institutional failure to create incentives for parents to educate their children. 

He is also convinced that our extant creative talents and the accurate enterprise – entrepreneurship -public sector partnerships would provide the needed stimulus for innovation. His concluding thoughts are his burning desire to change the present narrative of the state from poverty alleviation to wealth creation by using a Business led approach to economic development which in his words “has vast potential for transformation and posterity”

He is quick to douse the tension of the cloud of hopelessness hanging over the state whereby the people believe that all politicians or elected representatives  are the same, and the panacea is “to tackle the very real challenges that we face -from the majority being in the lowest socio-economic class to a lack of futuristic institutions, we need to believe that we can work together to solve real problems”

In his encouraging words he said, its not too late, “there is hope to hold unto, and there is action we can take,….we must agree on a shared agenda, we must stand together shoulder to shoulder …..”

“Too often we have been distracted with handouts and deceived with nuances too small to halt the degradation at hand, we know the cardinal issue we need to deal with and we must summon the fortitude to recognize them, face them and fight to fix them together to begin the future we deserve”

These are golden words engraved on marble, shot in the right direction with an intended impact. Whether this impact will be positively felt by the people, shall be seen and evident in the coming days as we approach another electoral season.  



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  • Comment Link Prof. Paul D Ocheje Thursday, 31 December 2020 16:13 Prof. Paul D Ocheje

    Good luck to you, Victor! I have no doubt that your sincerity of purpose will vindicate your cause. Be persistent, and continue to show sincerity. Everything will fall in place to your success in due course, and by the grace of God.

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