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It was a golden path walked by the young Hilary Edime  Amodu, a young man with greatness gushing through his veins.

The name Hilary is today synonymous wth a Document titled WHO’ S WHO IN IGALA LAND. The Documenter is celebrating the silver Jubilee of this all important document on the 27th of February 2021 with funfare, pomp and pageantry currying the attendance of the high and mighty and every important Igala personality in the society. How did he rise to this stratum of society in terms of building such a Brand?  

 About 25 years ago, as a first year student of the University of Ilorin, Hillary had a lot of things going on in his head, “Each time I go out with my Uncle, Dr Amodu, I noticed his various interactions with his friends, I remember vividly the ABENELO CLUB which was a great pressure group they used to fight for the survival of the federal polytechnic Idah” the idea of a binding force , something like a platform  began to form pictures in his mind.

“I saw men, young people coming together to fight a particular course, in a specific community and Government was listening to them” says Hilary.

That was how the idea of bringing them together began to evolve , “how to bring them together into a larger community in a larger scope , an idea came to me that , lets take this beyond Idah local Government area, beyond Idah federal constituency, covering the entire Igala land, the nineth largest Ethnic group in Nigeria”

Hillary admits that it was not rosy at the beginning which is usually the characteristics of startups that usually blossom into corporations at their formative stages.

The first manuscripts of who’ s who and the journey to its publication were not without challenges “when we started in 1996, it was a black and white publication then, not as colorful as the one we are printing today”,  at a time when there was no GSM, Hillary had the task of locating all the prominent Igala people around the Nigeria federation and that meant Criss crossing the length and breadth of the Country.

It was strange for one small boy coming to ask for the resume or achievement details of a Big man, it was unheard of, but focus, resilience, the never giving up spirit kept him on.

Some of the people turned him down, some never took him seriously, “there were occasions i had to hang around the gate of some big man for hours on end, other occasions I slept at the gatehouse with the gateman waiting for the Big man to let me in. Some blatantly refused to give me their details , but later when we became accepted, they had to desperately talk to some elders to scold us into accepting their details.

The inspiration to package an Excellence rewarding Brand of this order according to Hilary was the who is who in Nigeria published by Newswatch Communications back then. “When I looked at who is who in Nigeria, I saw names like Dr Ahmadu Ali, SS Ameh, Late Abdullahi Ibrahim (san), Chief Alex Kadiri, Chief Gabriel Aduku etc. This was the final Bomb that exploded the clear picture “After seeing it, I became more interested in profiling the Achievers among my people”.

One of the things that got going for Hillary was the fact that while growing up and following his uncle about, he began to develop confidence in meeting people which is one of his greatest assets today.

The Book WHO’S WHO IN IGALA LAND is a compendium that is worth celebrating today being the only acceptable Document in the history of Igala nation that harnesses net-worth individuals and personalities of Igala Extraction with their background and contacts. The book has simplified academic research work, policy formation and showcasing of the positive image of Igala Nation to the world.

 The establishment of who’s who twenty five years ago has  given birth to the following: Igala youth Carnival, Igala Merit Award, Igala Women of Substance Merit Award, according to Hillary, the who’s who foundation is on it way.

Hilary Edime Amodu was born 0n the 23rd October 1973 at Idi-Araba in Lagos State.

Growing up in Idah and Lagos, he came from a good family with a teacher as father (Mr Henry Amodu ) of blessed memory.

Hilary went to st Boniface primary school, Idah, premier primary school Mushin, Federal Government college Ugwolawo, Kogi state. He proceeded to the University of Ilorin for his Bsc Sociology and Kogi state University for his Masters degree in Sociology.

Hillary is a member of the institute of financial analysis of Nigeria, Member, Nigeria institute of public relations (NIPR) Member, Rotary International, Associate member, Nigeria institute of cost management, member, corporate affairs management of Nigeria, Associate member, certified institute of economics, Secretary Board of trustees Who’s Who in Igala land.

Hilary holds the Title of EJU’CHEGAHI EJEH OFU with the Greeting “DOGBAA”!

 Let us Honour this singular feat by a young man  of Igala Extraction with our presence as we celebrate with him, the 25th anniversary of WHO’S WHO in Igala land scheduled to hold on February 27, 2021 at the Congress Hall of Transcorp Hilton, Abuja by 10 am. It is an Occasion of high profile personalities as deserving Igala individuals will be honoured at the Occasion

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  • Comment Link Aminu Musa Audu Friday, 26 February 2021 14:09 Aminu Musa Audu

    Hilary Amodu is no doubt a highly courageous young man who possesses a fantastic reputation for meeting people. He is focused and has leadership qualities.
    As a sociologist, his cultural activism has no doubt brought professionalism and a novel dimension into the who is who project he started in 1996 while we were together as undergraduate students at the University of Ilorin Nigeria.
    In my modest opinion, sociologist Hilary Amodu deserves the attention of not only the federal government of Nigeria but also that of UNESCO as he has many untapped skills and potentials in the field of cultural rejuvenation and integration.
    Dr Aminu Musa Audu.

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