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TSTv Introduces Pay TV prices with lowest rates of N1/N2 per day Featured

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TSTv revolutionises Pay TV with lowest rates of N1/N2 per day

***introduces pay as you go and paused subscription**

Latest satellite PayTv, Telecom Satellites Television (TStv) has taken the stage by storm by breaking the monopoly by some traditional PayTv as it has created opportunity for Nigerians to watch local and international television stations of their choices without much hassle at the lowest rates per channel of N1 and N2 max per day.

Managing Director TSTV Dr. Bright Echefo, who announced this at the headquarter situated at the Idu Industrial zone, Abuja, on Wednesday, said Nigerians also have the liberty to decide their own bouquet as against other PayTv in the market that have listed channels in a bouquet.

He said many Nigerians are forced to subscribe to the highest bouquet in other PayTv platforms because few channels of their choice have been strategically listed in the highest bouquet.
Bright said subscribers to TSTv also enjoy the liberty of pay as you go by pausing their subscription for any period of time they will be away from their homes.
He said the platform is bringing dynamism into the Paytv subscription with consideration of the economic reality amongst Nigerians.

Bright who said the industry poses a lot of challenges said the TSTv will navigate them to continue to provide Nigerians with high definition visuals that would enhance home entertainment experience.

He declared that it does not in any way sees other competitors in the industry which is large enough to accommodate participants in the sector as a threats.

Dr Echefo said that the organisation has within four months of its operations accomplished numerous goals.

He said the competition in the industry has only created more challenges to overcome thus the need to strive harder, adding that if anything else, TStv has enabled people to choose the channels they want to view and not being forced to accommodate what they do not desire.

The Managing Director said that within the period under review, TStv has been able to establish offices in all states of the federation, adding that the organisation having learnt from the mistakes of others in the past, is here to stay.

He said that unlike other service providers, TStv decoders work with vouchers that can be purchased in the streets at affordable rates and allows for easy loading just like the phone vouchers.

In the words of Echefo; “TStv has about 120 channels for now with some that are free. It is only the channel a subscriber wants that he/she subscribes to at the lowest rates in the market.

“There are channels that are free. All news channels cost just N2 per day just like kids channels. I can assure members of the public that TStv is here to offer value to Nigerians.

“We do not believe that Nigerians should pay for channels they do not watch or pay for channels even when they are not around to watch any of the programmes,” Echefo said.

He commended the Federal Government and the National Broadcasting Commission for creating the enabling environment for participants in the industry to operate without any form of discrimination.

The MD said that the TStv is already in discussion with the Premier League with a view to have the right to air its matches, adding however that even at that, there are 14 Sports channels among other value added channels.

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